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Pedro Paulo Oliveira Jr

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A lesson learned in 5 scenes

Scene one.
I was lunching with a colleage, a pediatrician during the years of my PhD in the Medical school. During this lunch he told me that due to strabism in early childhood we got stereoscopic vision impairment. He had both eyes perfectly working but did not form stereo images in his brain.

Scene two
This colleague of mine was a very good goalkeeper and during a soccer match against his team, a very hard soccer game, I came up with a plan. I though that since he had trouble seeing stereo he would have trouble defending balls kicked from long distance with side spin. And the plan worked perfectly. I scored two goals with 30 meter kicks and we won.

Scene 3:
After the game I was mortified because I used a defect of that colleague to my advantage. Moreover, I exposed him to ridicule because he took two easy goals.

Scene 4:
I met him some days later and I said that I was sorry for the two goals. He asked me why I was sorry? I said that I used the fact of his lack of stereoscopic vision to throw some strategic ball kicks. He said that I should not be sorry for that but that he was glad to understand why he took those goals.

Scene 5:
Next day we met in the soccer field. Just the two of us. I taught him that by constant tilting his head he could emulate stereoscopic vision and guess the trajectory of the soccer ball. After some practice he become very proficient in this technique. I would not score more easy goals against him but I gained a friend and learned a lesson.